Process Flow

Investment Casting Process Flow

Ningbo Investment Casting Co., Ltd carries out strict quality control process, has established strict standards for material inspection, process control, finished goods inspection, evaluation and selection of audited suppliers.We pay closer attention to each production links, and formulate the optimized technology by process design and analysis.

1. Process & Tooling Design

2. Tooling Production

3. Tooling Inspection

6. Wax Pattern Repair

5. Wax Injection

4. Wax Pattern Inspection

7. Tree Assembly

8. Automatic Shell Building

9. Sand Shell

12. Melting and Pouring

11. Shell Baking

10. Dewaxing

13. Composition Analysis

14. Sand Cleaning

15. Heat Treatment

18. Inspection

17. Machining

16. Shot Peening

19. Packing

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