Heat-resistance Stainless Steel Grate Bar

 Grate-bars are mainly used in the fire boxes and pallet cars of the burning and sintering furnaces.


Our plant manufactures grate-bars from special purpose steel and alloys that operate under static and high dynamic load conditions. Our materials have high abrasive wear resistance and high corrosive resistance.



Sintering grate bar

Sintering grate bar is wearing spare parts of sintering pallet, it form channel space with pallet plate for carrying mineral aggregate. The main composition of sintering grate bar is high temperature Nickel alloy.

Working environment:

Temperature fluctuation: the highest sintering temperature of mineral aggregate is 1100 C, and the temperature of sintering grate bar is about 800-1000 C, and the temperature will rapid drop to 100-300 C after discharging.

Atmosphere corrosion: oxidation and corrosion by CO, CO2, SO2 and water vapor

High temperature bearing: withstand the force of gravity during sintering

Impact, friction and wear by sintering mineral aggregate during loading and discharging

High temperature and high speed powder-gas erosion


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